European Award of Excellence "City for Children"

Our cities need to become more child-friendly!


In view of the demographic changes taking place, policies designed to create a more conducive environment for children, young people and families should form the focus of municipal action if our cities are to be competitive and maintain their vitality in the future.


  • To illustrate successful, innovative and cost-efficient projects and encourage their adoption in other locations
  • To engender a change of awareness and encourage greater family-friendliness
  • To support cities in their activities at the local level


Every year, European cities will be honoured for the successful implementation of outstanding projects aimed at children and young people in different policy areas, ranging from education to health and safety issues, the design of outdoor play areas, the integration of young and old and to achieving a balance between work and family life.


All European cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants are invited to apply, also in cooperation with organisations, associations, institutions, companies, churches and other partners who are involved in running or organizing the projects on the ground.

Selection Criteria: Winning projects are...

  •  Innovative – Sustainable – Realisable – Participative - Transferable

Initiators and Jury:

Initiators: Congress of the Council of Europe, the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), the Comittee of the Regions, the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the European Network Cities for Children and the City of Stuttgart.

The selection process will be performed by a panel of experts and representatives of the initiators. The Network Cities for Children will be represented by a different member city each year.


The awards will be presented to successful applicants at a festive evening event attended by personalities from politics, industry and society. The flagship projects will be distinguished by the European Award of Excellence in the form of a sculptured trophy donated by the Trumpf Group and a certificate issued by the initiators.

The prize-winning cities will be invited to deliver a presentation of their successful projects as part of the Annual Conference of the Network Cities for Children.